Making my clients feel comfortable and at ease during their therapy sessions is essential, whether it's for hypnotherapy, eye-movement therapy or talking therapy.  At SCT Therapy, I offer calm, relaxing and comfortable treatment rooms in Whitley Bay and at Sanctuary House in North Shields.  Sessions are available to book Mon-Fri, 9:00am - 6:00pm.


I also provide on-line therapy and telephone therapy sessions.  

Pricing & Practicalities

Face-to-face Treatments

Enabling my clients to feel comfortable, calm, relaxed and at ease during their therapy sessions is key to the healing experience, and I've worked hard to create the right environment and ambience to support this in both of my therapy rooms.


I welcome clients to my therapy room within a private residence in Firtree Gardens, Whitley Bay.


I'm also delighted to spend 2 days per week in the relaxing sanctuary that is Sanctuary House in North Shields, where as well as offering individual therapy, I provide group work including: 

Stress Management, Weight Management, Relaxation and Wellbeing, and Smoking Cessation workshops.

Both rooms have access to free parking within a two minute walk.

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Phone and Video Calls

I understand that it's not always convenient or desirable for clients to attend therapy sessions in person, therefore I also offer some therapies on-line and over the phone, depending on what is needed and practical.  All of the options will be discussed before we make any decisions.


My fee is £30 for the initial assessment, which will last approximately 1 hour and then £45.00 per session.  Most therapy sessions will be 1 hour, unless pre-arranged.  Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer.  Concessions can be discussed for block session bookings, group sessions and workshop delivery.