Your Symptoms

When the punches life throws prevents us from having what we want or being who we want to be, our goals, aspirations and ambitions are jeopardised.  These are the times we may need help to overcome the difficulties we are faced with, or seek support to make changes that feel impossible to achieve. Without help our health and well-being can be affected and problems become all-consuming, dominating our every waking moment. 

How are you feeling?

Everyone experiences psychological and/or social difficulties at some time or other, whether due to stresses of modern living, adverse experiences, big life changes, or suffering a significant loss.  Life is often hard and emotional suffering is not always avoidable. Blocking our feelings can lead to ill health. Using a variety of therapies and techniques, I can help you to deal with this in the way you want to.  My passion is to help you to learn how to deal with your thoughts and feelings and show self-kindness and self-compassion.  

I help my clients address many different issues, including:

  • Trauma and attachment, including adverse childhood experiences

  • Anxiety, stress management, panic attacks and depression

  • Self-esteem and confidence issues

  • Addiction, smoking cessation, eating disorders and weight management

  • Phobias and compulsive disorders

  • Grief, bereavement and coping with loss

  • Pregnancy and hypnobirthing

  • Sleep management

  • Performance management

  • Pain management

I work with children, young people and adults, helping them to make life and behaviour changes and improvements to overcome problems and difficulties, and to achieve their goals, aspirations and ambitions.

As an integrative person-centred therapist, I offer a range of tools and techniques, including hypnotherapy, EMDR, EMDR Flash Technique, IEMT, neuro-linguistic programming and coaching therapies, that are all geared towards helping you deal with any difficulties you may have from your past, overcome issues in your present and build the confidence you need to move forward.

I place my clients at the centre of everything I do, with the aim of making your therapeutic experience as comfortable, convenient and stress free as possible. I understand that coming for therapy for the first time can be daunting and I do all that is possible to put you at ease, knowing successful therapy is achieved by working together in partnership.

I look forward to meeting you.