Techniques & Tools

I treat each client individually, using many and varied elements of psychotherapeutic treatments, techniques and tools, providing helpful resources and some psychoeducation throughout our work together.

Each person’s individual needs and goals are reviewed throughout treatment and therapies are tailored to meet changing needs and personal circumstances.

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Integrative Therapy Approach

Integrative therapy draws on techniques from different types of therapy to tailor an approach specifically for you, the client.

As an integrative therapist I believe there isn't one therapeutic approach that can help a client in all situations and instead I take into account you as an individual and your circumstances.  I use elements of different approaches to help you to explore and cope with, or overcome your problems. 

I consider each persons individual needs and situation - what works for one client won't work for another.  Working this way provides a holistic approach and all round support, making the therapeutic experience unique and therefore more likely to succeed for that person.

At SCT Therapy, I offer this collaborative and integrative approach to therapy, all geared towards helping you deal with any difficulties you may have from your past, overcome issues in your present and build the confidence you need to move forward in your future. 

Each person’s individual needs are assessed before therapy commences and together we agree a treatment plan, adapted to meet these needs and personal circumstances.


The different types of therapies are suited to different issues and ways of addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms. We will discuss your situation and decide on the best approach for you. 

I have personal experience of how successful these therapies have been for me and my family, and I am dedicated to supporting others in their personal experiences. I have a keen interest and understanding in trauma-based recovery. I regularly work with people who have suffered loss or are dealing with a life-threatening illness.