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Relaxation & Mindfulness


Allow SCT Therapy to take you on a therapeutic relaxation and mindfulness journey to remember how amazing you are and to build inner strength, self-confidence and resilience.

During this deeply relaxing 90-minute session, you can develop greater inner strength which will allow you to cope with stress, overcome challenges and any anxiety to maintain a positive outlook.  This in turn will increase your confidence and motivation.


You can believe again in your ability, who you are and what you want from life.  With self-confidence comes courage to face challenges and negotiation difficulties.  Feel yourself emerging as a stronger person.

Reawaken your resilience by remembering ways to believe in yourself, find purpose, embrace change, become optimistic and look after yourself.

All these qualities will help you to navigate any added pressures and challenges safely and helpfully and allow you to find joy, peace, and happiness. 


You really are amazing and perhaps you’ve forgotten this.  Let’s get you back to a place of renewed energy to help you to face the world head on.


You will be welcomed into my therapy suite at Royal Quays Business Centre, where changes are made, and goals achieved.  Where better to offload than somewhere comfortable, calming, and relaxing? 


There will be some light refreshments as we get to know each other and then the magic begins as you find yourself in the most comfortable of chairs, with a weighted blanket for added comfort and just drift off…. 

I’m offering this wonderful 90-minute experience for £100 – please get in touch if you’d like to book, or if you’d like to gift a voucher for a loved one.  I can also provide group sessions - please get in touch for more information, including cost per person.

Let's beat the Winter Blues as we embark on this relaxing therapeutic journey to rest, recharge, recover and restore lost energy.

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