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Therapy Services- including private practice and mental health business services. 

What Therapy Services are provided by SCT Therapy?


Individual and Group Work

Working one-to-one in person, by telephone or online, I am honoured and committed to help people who face low mood, stress, anxiety, grief, addiction and many other issues, or simply wish to improve/change their life.  The work I do helps people to find the strength and resilience needed to overcome and get through the challenges life throws their way.  Seeing my clients recover, overcome, improve, and reach their goals is job satisfaction at its best.

Located in North Shields, and delivering therapy services throughout the North East, I work with adults, young people, groups, employers, employees and charities.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Services 

I offer a therapeutic service designed to help individuals and employers to recognise and support mental health issues in themselves, their employees and others. This service focuses on providing individuals and businesses with the skills and knowledge to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health issues, and to provide them with psychoeducation and the resources/coping strategies needed  to take action to support the improvement of mental health.

As a trained Mental Health First Aid practitioner and therapeutic therapist, I offer a service to support employers looking to embrace providing a positive working environment for their employees.

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