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SCT Therapy, offers the following workshops:

Wellbeing Workshops and Lunchtime Learning events are open to any groups/employees and are aimed at empowering people with insight and tools to make positive changes, achieve potential and reach a healthy work/life balance.

The workshops and events are aimed at supporting professionals and people who work in high stress and trauma-exposed fields, including (but not limited to) health care providers, safeguarding and child protection teams and social care teams.  Topics include:

  • Secondary Trauma and Stress management

  • Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

  • Mindfulness at Work

  • Sleep Management

  • Work anxiety

  • Menopause and the Workplace

  • Managing Weight and Eating Habits

  • Addiction and Smoking Cessation


Please contact me for further details, including aims and objectives of each workshop, costs and booking options.

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