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Are you ready to stop smoking or stop vaping?  You don't have to wait until October/Stoptober to quit - you can quit any time you are ready to quit. 

Stopping Smoking and Vaping 

One to one and group Stop Smoking Therapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy has an extremely high success rate in helping people quit smoking.

I offer sessions aimed at anyone who wants to, or needs to, quit smoking.  NB: sessions can be adapted to quit vaping too. 


Addiction to smoking is more around the mental dependence, i.e., the want for cigarettes and how this makes the smoker feel, than the physical dependence, i.e., the bodies dependence on the nicotine. 

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You will have your own reason(s) for quitting.  The psychology of addiction and habits works the same way for everyone.  Hypnotherapy works by removing your desire to smoke/vape before you quit.

It's well known and proven that quitting smoking improves physical health.  Often less well known are the proven mental health benefits.  Quitting smoking boosts your mental health and wellbeing as it:

  • improves mood

  • relieves stress and anxiety 

  • helps recovery from and depression. 

Did you know?

You will be provided with:
  • Facts about smoking, psychoeducation about habits/addictions and the benefits of stopping smoking


  • Hypnotherapy to overcome the learned desire to smoke/vape and learn to live healthily as a non-smoker/vaper

  • Self-hypnosis - learn how to relax and strengthen ability to remain a non-smoker (technique can be used for many other issues too)

  • Tools and resources to remain a non-smoker/vaper, including a smoking cessation hypnotherapy recording

  • An intervention and home intervention program to quit permanently

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Did you know that key to the success of quitting smoking is that you genuinely want to quit smoking/vaping?


I offer one to one and group smoking cessation therapy sessions.  One to one session's are tailored towards the individual.  If you'd like to quit smoking in a group, then please contact me for more information, including prices.  I offer group sessions of up to 4 people on a Tuesday evening or Saturday mornings.

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking
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