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Making my clients feel comfortable and at ease during their therapy sessions is essential, whether it's for hypnotherapy, eye-movement therapy or talking therapy.  At SCT Therapy, I offer an accessible, disability-friendly, calm, relaxing and comfortable therapy suite in Royal Quays Business Centre in North Shields.  Sessions are available to book:

Monday to Friday - 9:00am - 5:00pm.


I also provide on-line therapy and telephone therapy sessions.  

Pricing & Practicalities

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Face-to-face Treatments

Enabling my clients to feel comfortable, calm, relaxed and at ease during their therapy sessions is key to the healing experience, and I've worked hard to create the right environment and ambience to support this in my therapy suite, where changes are made and goals achieved.


I welcome clients to my main therapy suite which is located within Royal Quays Business Centre.  


In addition to individual work with clients, I also provide group work and therapeutic services for companies and organisations. 


These include: 

Stress Management, Weight Management, Relaxation and Wellbeing, Mindfulness, and Smoking Cessation workshops.

My therapy suite at Royal Quays is fully accessible and therefore disability-friendly.  There is ample and free car-parking and easy access via local metro and bus services.

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Therapy Room in North Shields
Therapy Suite in North Shields, North East
Phone and Video Calls

I understand that it's not always convenient or desirable for clients to attend therapy sessions in person, therefore I also offer some therapies on-line and over the phone, depending on what is needed and practical.  All of the options will be discussed before we make any decisions.


My fee is £45 for the initial therapy assessment, which will last approximately 1 hour and then £75.00 per session.  Most therapy sessions will be 1 hour, unless pre-arranged.  Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer. 


Please contact me direct to discuss fees for group sessions and workshop delivery.  

Stop Smoking and Vaping  Packages

It normally requires a half day (approximately 4 hours) of hypnotherapy for me to help people to quit smoking or vaping permanently.  This can be done in one or two sessions.    


  • Package Fee is £280 including 1 hour assessment and full intervention program.

Relaxation and Mindfulness Session 

These sessions are 90-minutes of pure relaxation indulgence with the aim of recharging your batteries, with some light refreshments available.   


The fee for these sessions is £100, including a therapeutic assessment and a home intervention plan.

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